在国际教育大环境下,Level 2 和STEAM三大学科的计划、执行、教学与评估面临着对批判性思维方法的极大需求。 对于那些教育体系中没有批判性思维教学的国家,他们的学生进入英国教育体系时将无所适从。


UKES (UK Education Solutions) 携手提供金牌专家顾问服务,帮助理解文化鸿沟、培养本土教师掌握如何制定教学计划、教学与评量、确保学生成功学习英国课程体系。


There is significant demand for a coherent synthesis of critical thinking methodologies within the planning, delivery, learning and evaluation of Level 2 and 3 STEAM subjects in International contexts. This is particularly relevant  in countries where creative critical thinking is not taught in local schools and students arrive unprepared for the demands of studying UK Education curricula.

The education market has driven forward a surplus of, often repetitive and confusing, assessment objectives within the many UK accredited STEAM exam specifications, teacher training qualifications and CPDs.The increasing demand for cost-effective teaching and the international demand for UK accredited qualifications to be delivered successfully by non-native English speakers creates significant demand for a consultancy service that supports Chinese International schools, their teachers and students, in meeting their business and education targets successfully.

UKES (UK Education Solutions) is a gold standard consultancy services that understand how to bridge these cultural gaps and to intelligently train local teachers to produce easily accessible planning, teaching, learning and assessment materials that ensure the success of Chinese students who are studying UK curricula at Level 2 and 3.